Dr Sarah Strohmaier, Chartered Psychologist

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am a Psychology researcher with a particular interest in mindfulness. I have a PhD in Psychology from Canterbury Christ Church University in the UK. My PhD thesis explored the effects of different amounts and doses of mindfulness programs and mindfulness practices to find out which program and practice is most helpful for individuals.

Before my PhD, I completed a Masters (MSc) in Occupational (Industrial and Organisational) Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London in the UK and have a background in business Psychology. I also hold a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with Human Resources Management from the University of Northampton, UK.

I currently work as a Lecturer in Psychology at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, where I research the beneficial effects of mindfulness and positive psychology applications for people. I also freelance at the London-based business Psychology company WorkLifePsych where I work on different wellbeing, productivity and professional effectiveness  projects. As a psychology researcher, I am a reviewer for academic papers for submission for the Springer journal Mindfulness.

I have lived and worked in different countries, including in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and the UK. I love working with individuals who are from different backgrounds/cultures than me and think there is so much to be learned from others.

Have a look at my academic research publications and media communication as well as my blog in the tabs above. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences with mindfulness and/or positive psychology and am always open to collaborations, so get in touch through the contact form!


May 16-17, 2022: 

Certificate of Best Presentation Award: One‑Session Mindfulness of the Breath Meditation Practice: a Randomized Controlled Study of the Effects on State Hope and State Gratitude in the General Population. ICCSP 2022: XVI. International Conference on Cognitive Science and Psychology, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

May 21, 2020: 

Winner: 3-Minute Thesis competition: Learning Mindfulness - a marathon, not a sprint. Canterbury Christ Church University. UK

July 1, 2014: 

Student with Best Overall Performance. University of Northampton, UK.